17@7 with Doris Muigei

9 October | 18:00 - 20:00 | Ikigai Westlands

Large companies have top talent banging down their doors every day. With so many great candidates, they are able to choose top of the line employees that fit their team’s needs and culture. Small businesses and startups don’t often have the same fate-particularly when it comes to unicorn candidates. 

In this increasingly competitive environment, how do you differentiate yourself from other industry players? How can you effectively demonstrate the value of joining your company to top tier professionals? Hiring top talent is not impossible for startups. The key is to lean into what makes your business stand out and use your agility to your advantage.

Join us for 17@7 October Edition as Doris Muigei leads a discussion on how to attract all-star candidates, budget notwithstanding. The session will explore techniques that you can use to articulate your vision to your dream employee in a way that will have them saying “yes” to joining your team.

Kindly RSVP as there limited spots available!

Admission: KES 0.00