At Ikigai Nairobi, as a start-up ourselves, we know all about the pains of start, growing and running a business! So our team sat down and researched the business landscape for companies providing best-in-class services in areas such as accounting, legal, wellness, HR, Recruitment, payroll, digital marketing and so much more. We picked the companies that we believe excel in their area of expertise, are reliable, provide competitive pricing and consistently have great users reviews! The best news? We negotiated Ikigai member discounts with these companies to help you save on your bottom line. To enroll, please email

HR & Recruitment

The service: Shortlist Kenya combines technology and human touch to engage and screen the best candidates, so you get to interview talent. Get custom job applications that screen for experience, motivation and skills. Review candidates faster and easier all from an easy to navigate online dashboard and ultimately save time and improve your hire rates!

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ABC Expat is your one stop shop provider with Business, Immigration and Relocation Services in EA.

Business Services

ABC Expat supports international organisations that set up in East Africa in order to ease their transition to this market, by ensuring their administrative compliance and boosting their performance.

  • Company Registration
  • Tax Identification Number (PIN)
  • Business/Trade License
  • Payroll setup and management
  • Administrative compliance

Immigration Services

ABC Expat offers unique expertise with local Immigration offices, working with you and your staff to ensure that you get a valid immigration status without hassle or delay.

  • Special Pass/ Work Permit
  • Dependent Pass
  • Internship Pass/Student Pass
  • Multiple Journey Visa
  • Alien Card

Relocation Services

Our team will offer invaluable insight on every aspect of your new endeavour Preview trip & area orientation tour.

  • House search/ package
  • Vehicle search/package
  • Driving Licence conversion
  • School search/package
  • Pet import and export
  • Furniture rental solutions

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Transport Needs

The service: Trust SafeBoda to get you to and from work safely and efficiently. Beat the traffic, ditch your car, stop looking for parking and get to and from work faster.

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Bikram Yoga

The service: We recently teamed up with Bikram Yoga Nairobi to help you improve your health, mind and soul. What is Bikram yoga? Yoga is a 90 minute series of 26 Hatha yoga postures and two breathing exercises, carried out in a room heated to 40 degrees Celsius and 40 percent humidity. The combined heat and humidity increase muscle flexibility and can help to prevent injuries. A regular practice of Bikram yoga improves body posture and spine alignment. It relieves back pains and headaches; strengthens muscles; reduces symptoms of chronic diseases; gives better self-confidence; improves body image; improves flexibility, balance and strength; gives a general feeling of wellness and peace. Bikram yoga is designed for everyone no matter your fitness level, from absolute beginners to more advanced practitioners.

The Offer: New to Bikram? 7 days unlimited yoga for only Ksh.1000. 20% off all packages thereafter. For Ikigai members only.

Mom3ntum Fitness

Mom3ntum is a fitness studio that focuses on non-traditional exercise routines

Group based training

Their optimum sized classes are highly personalized, while still creating an environment that gives everyone a sense of community. The classes are results- focused, catered for all abilities and fitness levels and most importantly people and relationship driven. Join the movement!

Personal training

Use any of their in-house trainers to help you reach your goals through support, attention to training techniques and insight into new training methods. Or you can bring your own trainer at no added cost.

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