Ikigai is a community of beautifully curated shared office spaces across Nairobi. At Ikigai we cultivate an environment where meaningful human interactions are nurtured to encourage impactful and profitable connections between ideas, individuals and businesses. Ikigai is not just another shared office space but a place where community and the collective is at the heart of everything we do. At Ikigai, you have a beautiful and secure space to work from, social areas to connect with your peers and strangers to create fruitful relationships that help push your business forward, events and workshops in our tree-filled garden or boardroom and a coffee bar to keep you productive.

Ikigai Garden Locations

Ikigai Garden

Ikigai aims to provide diverse workspaces within each Ikigai location and across locations. Ikigai Garden locations are our coworking spaces based in beautiful old houses with sprawling, expansive gardens. Members can use the quiet indoors but have the opportunity, that many do not get in these concrete jungles we call cities, to work outside under the canopy of trees and sit next to the Bamboos, Agapanthus and Jacaranda's. Research shows that spending more time outside improves short-term memory, restores mental energy, relieves stress, improves concentration and allows for sharper thinking and creativity. To put that into numbers, working at Ikigai Garden office spaces in Nairobi will make you 30% more productive and 92% of you happier. We like those statistics, don’t you?

Ikigai Commercial Locations

Building Exterior

Ikigai Commercial locations are located in commercial buildings that are pristine, surrounded by nature, beautifully designed and centrally located. Our commercial locations provide a more traditional work environment than our garden locations whilst still ensuring workplace wellness, community and beautiful design as a priority. The interiors of our commercial locations boast careful attention to detail, professional conference rooms, a mother’s room, an entirely writeable walled Think Room and private phone booths. Although these spaces don’t offer our typical expansive gardens, they are completely surrounded by large trees that encircle the building in addition to the plant-littered hallways you will find.

Ikigai private members and those on the full membership communal plan have access to all Ikigai locations providing you a diversity of office space selection.