Ikigai's carefully curated events are unusual, dynamic and unlike the Nairobi norm. The heart and soul of an Ikigai event is authenticity and meaningful human interactions. Farmer's markets, outdoor movie screenings, concerts, brunches, coffee tasting among others (we cannot spill all the beans) come with a special twist.



We aim to provide you with opportunities to learn and network with other entrepreneurs and businesses. From workshops to talks and seminars, our aim is to support our community through thought leadership events and meetups! Click to explore Knoweldge events at Ikigai.


Fun events galore. Art galleries, Supper clubs, happy hours, brunches, wine and coffee tastings as well as movies in teh garden. Click to explore Moai events at Ikigai.


Unusual. Different. Some say weird. We say interesting and dynamic events that you haven't come across before. We start with Ecstatic dance and aim for life size monopoly in the garden. Click to explore Unusual events at Ikigai.


Ikigai focuses on wellness in the workplace to ensure our community remains healthy even at work. With the help and direction of our dedicated wellness consultant we offer yoga in the garden, meditation, talks on nutrition, festivals and so much more. Click to explore Wellness events at Ikigai.