Refer A Friend

Help friends, family and colleagues find beautiful private office space at Ikigai Nairobi and get rewarded Ksh. 50,000.

Refer A Friend

How It Works


Fill out the referral form with the individual’s contact details. This must be done prior to the individual you are referring to visits Ikigai.


We invite the individual you are referring for a tour of any Ikigai Nairobi location with our lovely Community Associates.


The individual gets settled into their new office at Ikigai Nairobi. We will warmly welcome the individual you referred to the Ikigai community.


You receive your reward! After their first month at Ikigai Nairobi, we will contact you with more information about your reward.


Terms and Conditions

Current, past and non-members are eligible. The referring individual must fill out the referral form before a tour is completed by the referred person to be eligible for the referral program. Please note that if the form has not been filled before the referred member visits Ikigai for a tour, then the individual referring is not eligible for this reward.

The referring individual cannot refer someone from their same company. If two member members make the same referral, the reward will go to the member who first submitted the referral form. The referring member will receive the reward in the form of a cheque at the end of the new member’s first full month at Ikigai. The referred member must have signed the license agreement and made payment in full for the referring member to receive the reward. The referral must sign a 1-year license agreement. The payout is Ksh. 50,000.

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