A Space Built For Your
Well + Being.


A Space Built For Your
Well + Being.


What We Offer

Beautifully designed, wellness-focused office space for individuals, startups and large enterprises.

Our Locations

No two Ikigai locations are the same. Our members enjoy our sprawling gardens as well as our corporate locations. Work where you feel best.

What Defines Us

We focus on the wellbeing of every individual that walks through our doors.

Beautiful Design

Our spaces have been designed meticulously with no detail spared because we believe that thoughtful design is essential to improving our output at work. Our spaces create an environment that is not quite your office and not quite your home, but that silver lining in between that allows you to relax and be productive.

Unreasonable Hospitality

Beyond offering office space, we are focused on helping our members achieve an integrated work-life balance. From our onsite wellness program to our dedicated quiet zones, we're always bringing it back to the core goal of tailoring an experience catered to our complex human needs.


We understand that organizations need the ability to scale up and down seamlessly as business needs change, and so we have designed flexible membership modules. Our modular coworking spaces and office solutions allow you to grow within Ikigai, expand across locations for maximum convenience, or even downsize when required.


At the core of our offering, we promote wellness by creating workspaces that blend into the natural environment. We believe that individuals are more creative, healthier, and happier in the outdoors. Whether you require a shared, private or flexible office space or a quiet place to hold a meeting, our spaces can accommodate you.

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Nothing beats visiting an Ikigai location in person. We have been told our pictures don’t do us justice. Come in and see for yourself the energy of a community working hard to change the world.

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Our Members

Some of our inspiring members and clients.

Latest Posts

Keep up to date with what’s happening at Ikigai, what interesting and awe dropping things our members are working on and the Nairobi community at large.

Kaizen by Ikigai

As a wellness-focused workspace, maintaining and ensuring the health and safety of our community has always been key. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, we have been closely monitoring the development of events around the world and have made sure to comply with our local rules and regulations to ensure our members’ health & safety.

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