Private Office – Ikigai

Private Office

We offer fully serviced private office suites as well as tailor-made suites to suit your teams needs and help drive your business forward.

All our spaces are move-in ready with access to all the shared amenities that the building has to offer including a specialty coffee bar, meeting rooms, collaboration zones, phone booths, executive boardrooms, mother’s rooms, prayer rooms, wellness studios and so much more. Our custom suites allow you to tailor your private office to your specifications, brand and values.

Our Private Office Locations

Our private office locations are varied for your convenience. Each location, completely different from the next allows teams to decide on their ideal work environment.

How We Support You To Grow Your Business


Healthy Workspace

Creating a healthy environment with the right activities to keep your team healthy and productive can be time consuming. Come to work and find green, healthy spaces for your team to thrive.


Focus On Your Core

We take care of all the little details behind the scenes so you don’t have to. Let us deal with the hassles of running an office space so you can focus on the activities that matter most to your business.


Scale Up or Down

Our license agreements provide maximum flexibility to allow teams to scale up or down as business needs change. Our modular spaces allow you to grow within Ikigai, expand across locations or even downsize to a coworking desk!


Attract and Retain Talent

The office is a vital tool to attract and retain talent. With beautiful, diverse spaces across the city, we have exactly what your team needs to be focused, engaged and healthy at work.



With our 60-day cancellation policy we provide small and large enterprises with the flexibility they need in today’s world. Commit to an office space only when you need it. Our varied locations also provide you the flexibility your team needs to meet clients where it is most convenient for them.


Impress Your Clients

Your workspace emulates your brand. Whether you’re more suited to a garden environment or a corporate location, we’ve got you covered. We’ll make sure we always look good so you don’t have to!