Virtual Office Address

Virtual Office Address

Many of us have been thrust into a work from home environment that is totally new to us. Whether you are new to the world of remote work or have been at it for a while, it can be challenging to stay motivated, productive and connected during this time!

Our virtual office address membership is our answer to this challenge! Keep your business running from the comfort of your home and have access to valuable resources, online events, a business address, and an entire community of individuals and businesses that you can connect, network, learn and collaborate with.

Community is at the heart of everything we do. We believe that the collective can achieve greatness. We live by this statement which has never been more true than it is now amid COVID-19. The Ikigai community is a strong, tight-knit group of individuals and businesses and this membership is intended to provide you with genuine human connection, support with the current challenges you are facing, discounts on incredible products to enhance your physical home working environment, and new friendships and connections that we hope will last a lifetime.

Stay Connected From The Comfort of Your Home

Remain connected to the Nairobi business community and enjoy the benefits of an Ikigai membership whilst you work from the comfort of your home.

Virtual Office Address Membership Benefits

Physical Address & Mailing address

Need a business address for your company? Need a central location to receive packages? Looking for a postal address without the hassle of setting up your own? Look no further. We can do all of this for you in one simple step! Let us handle the hassle.

Promotions & Deals

We have carefully curated the best in-class services and negotiated discounts from some of the best services providers in HR, Legal, Business Services, Immigration, Health, Relocation, IT and Transport!

Connect with our Business Community

Our member portal is an online community of hundreds of businesses in Nairobi and across the globe. Join this vibrant community and get noticed. Our member portal will provide you access to startups, individuals and large companies alike doing incredible things to change the world. What's more you can advertise your services on our dashboard and grow your network and business opportunities.

Day Passes to Ikigai Locations

Get access to our physical spaces on days you just can't stand to be at home anymore! Come in and connect with other in the business community (of course from a distance), schedule a meeting in one of our meeting space or just pop in for some fresh air. With our two beautiful garden locations (did we mention one even has a dam at the bottom) and our corporate locations in Lavington & Riverside, the choice is yours.

Online Events & Wellness Services

We host unique, dynamic, and unusual events just for you! Our events are divided into four categories, namely Learn, Move, Breath and Connect. Our Learn events are in the form of webinars and resources to help you run your business and support your team. Our Move events are daily classes to get you moving from the comfort of you own homes with our yoga, strength, cardio and meditation classes. Our Breathe events want to keep you grounded through daily meditation classes and our Connect events allow you to remain social while at a distance.

Ready To Join The Community?

Remain connected to the Nairobi business community whilst you work from the comfort of your home.

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