Meet the Women of Mama Loup – Ikigai
Women of Mama Loup

Meet the Women of Mama Loup

In honor of women’s month and in celebration of the diverse women of Ikigai, we caught up with Melanie Chevarie, a regular at Ikigai Westlands who offers women’s health and maternity care services with her co-founder, Marea Camila.  

What do you do?


Melanie: We specialize in women’s and children’s health, offering a variety of services from fertility enhancement, prenatal, birth, postnatal care with a Functional Medicine approach to ensure that these specialties remain connected to general health and that symptoms are treated via root causes.  


Melanie: In a women-centered model of care, as Mama Loup provides, the woman maintains power and authority over her body and her decisions. This has a long-lasting impact not only on physical health but also upon a woman’s empowered self-perception and sense of agency.  


How can other women be empowered to think equal, build smart and innovate for change?


Melanie: In navigating our ways to business, leadership and economic power, women tend to replicate the patriarchal model of the path to success. I believe women can find true success while keeping a balanced life including a healthy state of mind, heart, and body throughout the process. After all, we want more women in power who do not aim to mimic the man’s way but to rethink the system from the roots up!  


How does the Ikigai Space and community help you accomplish your mission?


Melanie: The space at Ikigai Westlands feels safe and balanced and calm which helps us to foster meaningful interaction, new connections and a productive and creative state of mind.  

Mama Loup Team: Melanie Chevarie (left) and Marea Camila (right).

Learn more about Mama Loup and their services by visiting  

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