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Green Spaces at Ikigai Lower Kabete

Ikigai Lower Kabete – The Healthiest Workspace in Nairobi

As the number of hours we spend at the office increases, the need for workspaces which contribute beyond financial gain are paramount. Workspaces that cater to an individual’s holistic wellbeing are few and far between. Apart from LEED or WELL certified buildings, there seems to be no guide as to what a healthy workspace is or should be.


According to WHO, a healthy workspace “provides all members of the workforce with physical, psychological, social and organizational conditions that protect and promote health and safety”. This definition leaves room for interpretation as to how one can alter their workspace to be a healthy place for all.


Implementing changes to your work environment could be grand and structural; like accounting for feng shui when designing a workspace. Alternatively, they can be simple and minimal; for instance, incorporating plants into the workplace, which research suggests improves physical, cognitive, psychological and emotional functions.  At Ikigai, you will be hard-pressed to find any corner of our spaces without plants.



Why do we have plants in the office?


Something about being in and around nature reduces stress, improves wellbeing and our general outlook on life! A study by Craig Knight and colleagues , mentions that having one or more plants around your workspace, increases concentration and productivity by 15%! Think of all the things you could achieve in a day at Ikigai with the 149 plants we have indoors at our space! In addition to the boost in concentration and productivity, individuals in green spaces reported feeling happier, more creative, having better memory retention and fewer health concerns. At Ikigai, our members and their guests often report feeling instantly calmer and better equipped to deal with stress once through our gates.


We are committed to ensuring that our members are in the healthiest work environments in the city. Our interpretation of what makes a healthy workspace includes lots of plants, aesthetically pleasing environments, encouraging movement throughout the day and a sense of belonging. WE strive to create spaces that make individuals feel comfortable through the colours and materials we use, and encourage meaningful interactions based on the placement of our offices, our meeting points and our furniture placement. If you have visited our spaces, you know this to be true. This year, we have upped the ante.



???? Ikigai Lower Kabete – The coworking space you need!


Our third location – Ikigai Lower Kabete, was specifically chosen with health in mind. The campus-like setting is 5 acres of gorgeous, rich and lush greenery.


This location offers a variety of spaces to suit different working styles – from private furnished offices to meeting spaces and the communal area that has varied seating to cater for different moods, times of day and activities, all of which are complemented with the legendary plants of Ikigai. The property’s indoor spaces are airy and beaming with natural light; known to enhance your mood, encourage creativity and boost Vitamin D (essential to your wellbeing).


However, if you prefer working outside, there are outdoor meeting spaces and a large garden – ideal for walking meetings. Not to mention the dam at the foot of the property. According to a Quartz article on Blue Mind Science, we have a deep connection to water. The mere sight and sound of water can induce a flood of neurochemicals that promote wellness, induce relaxation and increase blood flow to the brain and heart. Working from Ikigai Lower Kabete means that you’re just a few steps away from a beautiful body of water that is sure to induce a meditative state that makes us happier, healthier and calmer.


More over, Roasted Truth, our in-house coffee bar has a delicious turmeric tonic, a hot lemon & ginger tea and the incredibly healthy green and white teas. Turmeric is acclaimed for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties; and white tea is linked to reduced risk of heart disease, improved brain function, reduced ageing and weight loss.


Considering coworking at Ikigai Lower Kabete?


This productivity oasis is 5 minutes from central Westlands, 10 minutes from Gigiri and with the new bypass just 5 minutes away from ABC Place and Waiyaki Way. If you are looking to start a business, take your business to the next level or simply encourage a healthier work culture for your employees, we recommend you outsource your office to one of our coworking spaces and join the community of members from all walks of life, enjoying high productivity days! As a member of Ikigai, you can work across our locations in Lavington, Westlands, Lower Kabete and soon Riverside!


Schedule a tour of Ikigai Lower Kabete here.

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    Please send me the details about buying 10 visits, I really look forward to seeing that option after discussing it with you all yesterday in Lower Kabete

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