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Ikigai Joins The League of Extraordinary Coworking Spaces!

Exciting news! Ikigai is a proud member of the League of Extraordinary Coworking Spaces, or LExC (lek-see) for short. We are looking forward to providing our community with global access to exceptional flexible workspaces in over 60 cities worldwide!

As the only coworking space from the continent invited to join the platform, we are looking forward to providing our community with access to like-minded coworking spaces around the globe that uphold a standard of service similar to that they can expect when they walk through our doors. We are also looking forward to welcoming fellow coworkers from near and far to enjoy the best Nairobi has to offer.

About LExC

Founded in 2011, LExC is the largest network of flexible office space providers in the world. The League was formed to showcase the best that the coworking industry has to offer. As the global voice of quality, each LExC member is tasked with demonstrating the highest standard of service based on member experience, space design, accessibility, and more.

By bringing phenomenal coworking spaces together, the League aims to share industry best practices and refine the standard of excellence with a focus on connection and innovation.

Through LExC, communities of the various coworking space can enjoy 5 complimentary full-day passes per member space, per year! Additionally, members of the respective workspaces can network with over 100,000 entrepreneurs and access over 500 benefits to enhance their businesses, lifestyle, and travel experiences through the platform’s Founders Club.

As Ikigai, we are looking forward to providing our members with geographical flexibility and convenience through our offering. With a diverse community from Nairobi and abroad, we are thrilled to enhance our members’ experiences when they travel for work. With only their Ikigai membership, they can plug into a like-minded community hassle-free – almost like a coworking visa!

In addition to enhancing the member experience, we are looking forward to learning, growing, and collaborating with coworking space providers across the globe to continue to provide our community with an escape from the ordinary.

About Ikigai

Ikigai is a collective of wellness-focused, beautifully designed share and private biophilic workspaces across Kenya’s bustling capital city – Nairobi. With four locations across Nairobi in Westlands, Lavington, Lower Kabete, and Riverside, we provide our members and the wider Nairobi ecosystem with world-class private and shared offices, conferencing rooms, and event spaces that nurture meaningful human interactions.


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