On Purpose With Binny Brahmbhatt-Sharma: A Member Spotlight on Discovering Your Ikigai – Ikigai

On Purpose With Binny Brahmbhatt-Sharma: A Member Spotlight on Discovering Your Ikigai

Welcome to “On Purpose”, a special series of member spotlights where we learn a little bit about how working from Ikigai Nairobi has shaped our member’s perspective of workspaces and community. In this series, our members share insights on the journey of finding one’s reason for being from a wide spectrum of professional fields including but not limited to the Creatives Industry, Tech Entrepreneurship, Mental Health Advocacy, and International Trade & Development Consultancy.

It was only fitting to kick-off our first edition of “On Purpose” featuring some of our founding Westlands members, as we prepare to welcome you back to the newly relocated Ikigai Westlands, reopening November 1st, 2021, in a stunning new garden location on Peponi road.

First up, we have the Binny Brahmbhatt-Sharma.

Meet Binny

Binny Brahmbhatt-Sharma is an Adolescent Mental Health Consultant, teen mentor, motivational speaker, columnist, and founder of the Empower Teens Program. She is a Mental Strength Coach to the KCB Rugby Club and Diamond Football Club Athletes.

Through her Empower Teens Program, Binny works closely with adolescents to nurture their mental and emotional wellbeing by igniting Creativity, Enthusiasm, Curiosity & Spirituality in them. The program provides a safe space for children to be their authentic self and this aids in achieving inner confidence and mental clarity. As an adolescent mental health consultant, she also conducts impactful talks and workshops for schools & parent’s community.

Let delve into how her journey at Ikigai has been thus far.


What is something unique that you have discovered or learned in your time working at Ikigai Westlands?

There is so much that I have discovered in my 4 years as an Ikigai Westlands member.

For one, at Ikigai Westlands I have discovered a beautiful space to engage, listen and understand, and get inspired by people and the environment that surround me. The essence and practices of wellness embodied in the space and the people have been a powerful affirmation of my life’s purpose to inspire, engage and nurture my mentees mental wellbeing.


How has working from Ikigai impacted or influenced you and the work that you do?

Being able to work surrounded by an abundance of nature has been a humbling experience for both me and my clients. The beauty and serenity of the garden at Ikigai Westlands have served as a constant reminder to be grateful and remain grounded in all you do, ethos I hold dearly to my heart and work to cultivate in the mind of the teenagers I work with.


What has your most memorable experience been at Ikigai Westlands?

To be able to come back to Ikigai in light of Covid-19 was bliss. It was a relief to have a safe open-air space to hosts my clients once restrictions began to ease. A fond memory was towards the end of 2020 in the garden at Ikigai Westlands where I hosted a gratitude event to appreciate my clients. The garden was the perfect backdrop for my clients to immerse in a unique experience of sound healing.


What was your favorite spot in Ikigai Westlands and why? 

There are so many to pick from. But if I had to pick just one then I would say that the garden ranks at the top. The garden at Ikigai Westlands has been part of the healing journey for so many of my mentees, and I have experienced a great deal of fun there bonding with the Ikigai community at member mixers.


Any parting words on your time at Ikigai Westlands on General Mathenge?

My experience at Ikigai Westlands has been less about work, and more about servicing my life’s purpose. Here is where I feel at home, where I belong, and where I can provide the best environment for my clients who also love the space!

You can learn more about Binny’s Empower Teens Program as well as her Corporate Wellbeing Workshops by visiting http://www.binnyempowers.com/


Looking for to join a coworking community? Escape to our new Ikigai Westlands garden location, opening November 2021, and discover all the possibilities the space has to help you unearth your Ikigai


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